Online Summer School 2020 starting July 6th.

District Update 06/10/2020

Matt Wenthe, Business Manager/HR Director

Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for your assistance in returning iPads, books, and other school supplies.  Overall, we had a great turnout and people were patient and supportive of the process.

If you still have items to be returned, please leave a message with your building principal to arrange a drop off time.  We want to ensure that someone is here to assist you when you arrive.

We would also like to thank parents for encouraging your children to participate in and complete the assignments and activities that were provided during the school closure.  As is often the case, as summer nears, this task becomes more of a challenge.  Your efforts in supporting learning are appreciated by teachers and will pay off in the coming school year. 

Although the restrictions for much of the state have been reduced, please remember that the school is still under a closure rule until June 30.  We ask that you only access the building and grounds areas for essential purposes such as dropping off or picking up items for education purposes.  All playgrounds and fields remained closed through the end of the month. 

As we look to the future, we are continuing to work with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Trempealeau County Public Health Department, and legal counsel to consider options for the start of the 2020-21 school year.  At this time, plans for school re-entry in the fall are being made for several scenarios. 

Our primary plan is to resume student learning as normal with safeguards in place.  We are still working on details but will structure the day to greatly reduce the amount of contact students have with others not in their classrooms.  Within classrooms, we will strive to maintain social distancing.  We will share more details in August as the guidance we receive will likely evolve throughout the summer. We know some students will not be able to attend in person due to health concerns. For these students, we will ensure that instruction is provided through other means. 

In advance, we would like parents to know that while we still plan to run bus routes, there may be a requirement to wear face masks while riding on the bus, to have assigned seats, and to only allow a student to share a seat with a classmate or a sibling.  We anticipate that this will require more bus routes and may add additional time to routes.  All students in first grade and above who live in town and within two miles of their school will not be bussed.  Parents will be strongly encouraged to find alternative transportation to get students to their respective schools. When we are directed by the DPI, the health department, and our legal counsel, we plan to resume bus routes back to normal.

Parents of high school and middle school students should also plan that students will not have locker access.  Instead they will need to carry items or leave them in the classrooms.  Masks will be highly recommended but not required at this time. 

Our administrative team will also be planning for other scenarios including blended learning (some in-person and some virtual), and resuming online learning if necessary.  Depending on the status of public health at any given time going forward, our school district will adjust to the plan that ensures the best learning environment for students while balancing the appropriate level of safety measures. 

We expect that any in-person summer school options, if possible, will not be available until later in July or early August.  You will be receiving details regarding those options within the next few weeks.  Please also know that any in-person classes could be adjusted to a virtual format or cancelled based on the status of public health at that point in the summer. 

We plan to work with staff and seek parent input as we develop our plans.  As more detailed information becomes available, we will be communicating with you to keep you as up to date as possible.  Thank you for understanding that the guidance we receive is changing rapidly. 

Please continue to stay healthy and practice safety guidelines to help in the goal of getting everyone back to work and back to school.

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