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Samuel Ruud, Trempealeau Elementary Principal

Trempealeau Families,


In some ways it is hard to believe that it is the “end” of the school year and in other ways it seems like it couldn’t come fast enough.  While I have missed seeing your children each day I have been amazed by their adaptability and resilience throughout the closure.  They deserve congratulations as well as you as parents and guardians for the hard work you have put in!


As I have been mentioning the last month, we will have 3 days of materials collection and belongings return starting on June 2nd. We must have all iPads returned by the evening of June 4th.  Below will be our procedure to keep everyone comfortable and safe.


  1. Enter the school parking lot and pull up to the farthest spot possible in front of the school.  A staff member will greet you and radio in for your child’s materials to be brought out.  If you have iPads, materials, or library books, someone will take them from you at this point.  You have the option to hand them to a staff member from your car or open your trunk/rear hatch and let the staff member take them out.
  2. When returning an ipad please make sure the charging cord is with it and label the ipad with your student’s name and homeroom teacher.  A post-it note is preferred.
  3. Another staff member will come out of the building with any materials that need to be returned to your child as well as their gift from the staff at Trempealeau Elementary.  You have the option of opening the trunk/rear hatch of your vehicle and having the staff member place them in your car or taking them directly from the staff member.
  4. After receiving your materials we ask you to exit the parking lot.


Other Information/Requests

  1. All staff members will be wearing masks and gloves. Staff members will be assigned to either taking ipads or bringing out materials to prevent any contamination.
  2. Materials being returned will be placed on tables in the school and left untouched for a minimum of 4 days.
  3. We ask that you not congregate at the school to socialize or exit your vehicle.


Now all that the not so fun things are out of the way, we do want to see the smiling faces of your children!  We hope that you will make this an outing and come by with your family so that we can at least wave and say hello to them from a safe distance!  Trempealeau Staff has missed their students!


The dates for this event are: 

TUESDAY, JUNE 2ND: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3RD: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM,

THURSDAY, JUNE 4TH: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Questions? Please call or email. See you next week!

Sam Ruud

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