Online Summer School 2020 starting July 6th.

2020 Virtual Summer School Speed, Strength, & Conditioning

Matt Wenthe, Business Manager/HR Director

Dates: June 15 - August 13  (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Times: 8:00 – 10:00am, Students will meet for one hour.

  • Session 1: Students entering grades 9 - 12 (Class can be taken for H.S. PE credit)
  • Session 2: Students entering grades 6 - 8

Where: Online Setting    

Instructor: Mr. Smidt

This course is designed for individuals looking for opportunities to work on speed, agility, strength and overall fitness through a virtual setting. The online class will include instructional time and individual time to complete the required workouts per week. This is an excellent chance for you to prepare yourself for your next athletic season or to just enhance your personal fitness.

Please contact Mr. Smidt or Mr. Peterson if you have any questions about this course.

To sign up, please click on this link.

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